Monday, July 3, 2017

2017 Week 26: Basque-month begins

Monday it rained a lot on our way home from another good time at son Stephan's. Already indoors and otherwise occupied, we somehow missed the beautiful rainbow, but several posted photos on Facebook.

As seen by Stephan at Dove's Crossing

I found these on the counter one day. The bee-man had been busy. 

When I go to visit Mother, I pick up an audio book at Cracker Barrell for the drive. Last week I forgot that my car CD player was no longer working. So this story entertained me throughout the week while I worked, and had to be returned Tuesday.  
Stephan said he's listened to a dozen or so by this author.

The next deadline to prepare for was the arrival of the group of Basque students Wednesday night, 11:09 PM. We were delayed some 20 minutes by several factors--road consturction, a fatal accident on I69 and waiting for the shuttle from extended parking to the airport. And their flight had arrived early, but we all found one another eventually and no one seemed upset, only VERY tired after a 24 hour three-flight ordeal. Needless to say there was not much conversation on the way from Indianapolis to Upland.

Our guest for the month is Jon from Durango. He is older than the others, a university student majoring in entrepreneurial innovation and leadership. His role as monitor is to be the go-to-person if any problems or questions arise. The first issue he had to deal with was a concerned parent wanting to contact her daughter.

Thursday Mike spent the whole morning preparing food for the satellite team Koch-out. They seemed to enjoy the time away from work, the abundant food, and the zip line!

Here you can see the spaces where we spend a great deal of our time. My writing area is the loft, and Mike's den is downstairs. He is currently consumed with helping Moriah design and build the Thin-Sat that the robotics team is responsible for, and working alongside the Taylor students to connect with theirs. As always, especially in engineering perhaps, "Everything takes longer than it takes." 

More friend-encounters: Carol (née Kastelein) Shaneyfelt (a former Uplander) and her husband John, now live and work at JAARS in Waxhaw, NC. They were passing through and wanted to meet up at Ivanhoes Friday for a short visit. At the agreed upon time, 4:30 PM, there was a terrible thunderstorm. Lightning struck and took out the registers. It took a while for  people to get their food and on a cash-only basis. We had a great visit nonetheless.

Jon was gone all day with the group on a day trip to Indianapolis.

Saturday was a bit more laid back, until the afternoon rush to get to a wedding on time. And when we got there, we realized I had the time wrong and we were half an hour late! (That is the fourth time this year that I've messed up time schedules. What's wrong with me?!)  There was standing room only, so we joined the other late-comers in the foyer. We were in time to hear the vows and watch the jubilant newlyweds recess. 

And, finally, I leave you with one of my favorite promises.

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The Bug said...

I'm reading a David Baldacci book right now! It's the second book in a series that my brother told me about - the Camel Club. I'm enjoying it quite a bit. I just checked and this is the 10th book of his that I've read. some I like better than others.

I've started putting appointments in my phone with the travel time attached to them. But then I forget - was the appointment at 2:00, or was 2:00 the time I was supposed to leave for the appointment. Sheesh.