Monday, November 30, 2015

2015 Week 48: Giving thanks

This week in the USA we emphasize giving thanks. 
Great numbers travel distances to gather with their families and feel most grateful for relationships.
My brother Lynn came from Las Vegas to spend a couple weeks with Mother. We invited all our Midwest family to join us on Thanksgiving Day. 

Mother surrounded by three of her five children--Lynn, Alan, Rita

The matriarch herself

I had to teach Monday. After that I was able to worry about focus on the fact that we were expecting 28 for Thanksgiving dinner. I'd wake up in the morning trying to work out seating arrangements in my mind. Working steadily, slowly, area by area, everything came together. I was so happy when I figured out how to arrange the many plants in the solarium and make room for three guests. Next I set up the table in my craft room with its three inserts.

I was very intentional about staying out of the kitchen in order to focus on hostessing--welcoming and interacting with everyone. Mike wanted to cook and others offered to bring food. The big day arrived. Ha! So much for my resolve. Mike was sick and unable to participate!

However, Stephan and Karen had come very early so he could have one more opportunity to hunt. So they helped me prepare as well.

Karen even went out for a run in the nice weather.

Here she comes!
Earlier in the week both Mike and Stephan brought in some venison for the winter. Can you tell how many?

In the end, only 26 showed up and found a favorite spot. Kayla's little family in the solarium made such a pretty picture in the sunshine surrounded by greenery. I went outside to look in and get a photo. Not until I looked at the photos online did I see the photo-bomber!

Neice Tina came all the way from Elkhart to spend the day with us. We anticipated the encounter between Rebecca and Simon, almost two. Sure enough, she went to give him a hug and kiss. He would have no such thing, and was happy to escape up the stairs and play with the train set.

Another little one, Tina's two-and-half-week-old Betsy, made the rounds, getting acquainted with her extended family.

Hmmmm. . . are Sam & Kristie being inspired to try for a girl?
There is a saying in Spanish: "Muchas manos en un plato hacen mucho garabato." Literally, "Many hands in one plate make a mess." No mess here! The many hands worked together to clean up after the meal. By the time everyone left, there was not much left for me to do.

Diane and I played a game she enjoyed a lot.

The next day Sam and Kristie dropped off Elijah to spend a couple days with us while they went away for a deserved getaway.
We watched movies and played games and enjoyed our tall ten-year-old grandson.
He learned some chess strategies, but was unbeatable at Hand and Foot!

Tomorrow it's back to work, grateful for these few lazy days.

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The Bug said...

I had that same exact thought when I saw Sam & Kristie with the baby - and then I read your caption. Ha!

Looks like a lovely time. I hope by now that Mike is much better!